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To MMU or not to MMU?

A4000 WB3.9 PPC HDF upgraded with Boing Bags 1 & 2.

OK. & I stop right here.

The next item I install is MMULib.

Everything takes real well. (Cancel the above statement) (I didn't have MMU checked in WinUAE)

But when I check this (MMU) my mhz drops to 1 mhz.

I know it's on and working because I went to engage MuTools Fast Mem and it said it was already operational. (Even when WinUAE MMU is unchecked)

Actually, when WinUAE MMU is unchecked, it goes back to 35 mhz. (Just don't know why CheckMMU would not show MMU running) (Neither when WinUAE MMU is checked nor unchecked)

I recall Toni saying not to worry about testing mhz with 'WhichAmiga' as once one goes into MMU land, it's all pretty much the same speed.

MMULib is running, everything zippy, with WinUAE MMU unchecked.

Am I done? Just leave the setting here and enjoy?

Here is my config..

A4000 WB3.9 68060 PPC HDF.uae

Here is WhichAmiga showing MMU not active..

Click image for larger version

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Thank you very much! Brother Jzon
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