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Originally Posted by grond View Post
Since you know how to do it so much better: when will see your non-ammx version of the code beating the ammx-version?
Maybe when that thing will be available to get somewhere ?

Anyways the "ammx version" doesn't need my code to be beaten :
4.Upload:> riva-0.50 verbose fps=1000 noskip noaudio dither=gray shk_topgun_320.mpg

 Video: 320x176, 24.000 fps
 Audio: <NONE>

 Number of frames played:  2143
 Number of frames skipped: 0
 Total number of frames:   2143

 Total playback time: 13.1146 seconds.
 Average framerate:   163.4048 fps
 Displayed framerate: 163.4048 fps

Where's the point ? If we want speed, we can already have it with legacy instructions.
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