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Originally Posted by grond View Post
Probably the same good reason that Intel keeps ignoring while doing new SSE-versions every other year...
Fine. So people start using their extensions and they become obsolete every other year - anything that's fine doesn't have to get replaced at that pace.
But you can't compare. Intel throw massive amount of logic gates at every problem they face. There is also a good reason why their cpus don't go in handheld devices.

Originally Posted by grond View Post
So what are your reasons? If a few ammx instructions can speed up movie replaying by a factor of two, they must be very convincing reasons.
Speed up movie replaying by a factor of two isn't a good enough reason to build frankenstein-like extensions, especially when it can be done otherwise.
What is movie replaying anyway ? Old MPEG-1 ? You can't show youtube videos with that. Play them with your smartphone : they won't use any mmx-like extensions - they'll use a gpu.

So perhaps a few ammx extensions can make better performance in a single example. One can always invent new instructions for a particular case. But next program you do, new ammx extensions will be needed.
All that for a miserable x2 speed on something that's not used anymore.

I have disassembled Riva and seen that this is indeed asm code, but the guy apparently "played compiler" ; it seems the original code has been followed without much refactoring.
For example, the DCT shifts the result back too early after the multiplies, leading to a loss of speed (unneeded shifts) and loss of quality (reduced accuracy).
There is also a lot of duplicated code (if not dead code).
In short it's not exactly nice - not surprising a few code rewrite got a speedup. Again, mmx isn't needed for that.

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