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I'd suggest at least a 1MB trapdoor expansion (e.g. A604n) and some fast mem expansion. If 2+2MB RAM is enough, then you can use 2MB in PCMCIA if you just want to have a plain 68000 machine to test on. With a plain 68k there is no speed difference whether you use PCMCIA fast mem or CPU clip-on fast mem boards. If you want something a bit faster, I'd suggest either a Furia 020 or ACA620. They both come with fast mem onboard so no need for PCMCIA and it can be used for CF cards instead which is very useful for transferring software. My 600 had an ACA620 (before it got a Vampire 2) and I think it is a great little accelerator if you do not need an FPU.

The Kipper2k fast mem expansions can be good I think but I never got mine to work properly as it crashes after a while. I think it is a problem with the connection in the socket. Kipper2k sent me a different socket which I then replaced. It helped a little but it still never became 100% stable in my 600, so I gave up on it. The ACA620 however was always 100% stable for me.
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