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Just buy a A604n chip ram expansion from Jens and then a Furia 020 accelerator and you are all good to go. Unless you insist having 68000 only of course.

Why? Both are available, A604n can take RapidRoad USB adapter should you later want USB and Furia has plenty of fast mem and power while ACA620 seems to be sold out and kipper2k is busy with Vampire boards. Unless you have very early version of Kickstart (2.04 or so), you can boot from IDE and use maprom feature to softkick any Kickstart in. No point upgrading Kickstart as you need to reboot anyways in order to enable all the features of Furia.

Yeah, I have all those including RapidRoad and it's amazing. For display problem I am waiting for OSSC and/or AMIV external HDMI converters.

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