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Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
Life is not fair yet most of us will kill someone else to survive...
Woooooowww.... hold your horses...

I think Majsta has been killing himself to make your dreams come true... So, even if he profits... which I doubt, very much... that is ok... Why should he work for free?

Isn't it great, that somebody is even doing this?

Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
Yes, it means faster production but i seriously doubt on assembly cost (increasing price twice) - and to be honest even few weeks ago Majsta placed movie on yt on this topic (black mailing, extorting) so i'm quite surprised - as i said at the beginning - for Vampire price should fit (IMHO) bellow 150E, more than this significantly reduce affordability - for me Amiga is hobby and for 250E i would rather go for fast Intel CPU and will perform computations on PC.
You are so right! It is a hobby and the people developing the Vampire are amateurs when it comes to producing hardware.

I think it is still great value for money. Compare it to other offerings, and you have to agree...
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