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Originally Posted by Hauke View Post
That is not fair. I think they are doing their best.
And if it means faster production, I am all for it.
Life is not fair yet most of us will kill someone else to survive...

Yes, it means faster production but i seriously doubt on assembly cost (increasing price twice) - and to be honest even few weeks ago Majsta placed movie on yt on this topic (black mailing, extorting) so i'm quite surprised - as i said at the beginning - for Vampire price should fit (IMHO) bellow 150E, more than this significantly reduce affordability - for me Amiga is hobby and for 250E i would rather go for fast Intel CPU and will perform computations on PC.

Originally Posted by Steril707 View Post
They will all be millionaires in the end, I am sure...

For serious, I think this just covers the cost for professional manufacturing and a little bit plus.
No need to be sarcastic - i doubt that they will be millionaires - Jens (assumption, no offense) is not a millionaire after so many years... but i wish all of you guys everything best - truly.
Professional assembly is cheaper (but true - it depends on scale) and it not increase price twice (more complex products [equipped with 2.5 inch HDD, multi GB, multi CPU/SoC] ,made in relatively small series (bellow 20000 pcs) and they cost similar to Vampire).

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