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Yeah maybe, but mpega.library isn't 100% asm to start with (only critical parts were initially asm ; i got significant speedup by rewriting the huffman decoding). It's around 250-300k source (from resourced), without tables. It was compiled with SAS/C in 020+ mode (yeah i can see that when disassembling, heheh).

If RiVa isn't much bigger than mpega then it's perfectly manageable.

Now i'm wondering if old MPEG-1 is still worth the trouble, with all these MPEG-4 videos all around...

I don't believe in mmx and related stuff, and will not until i see normal handwritten asm beaten by a large amount, counting individual clocks in the routine(s). This is why i want to see the code
(i have the slight impression that i will have to repeat my last sentence a few times...)
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