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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Seems a little large for this.
Hi Meynaf.

I agree. It seems little large for. But it is. I can confim you it is 100% ASM, not a single line in C - even for reading the tooltypes and command line arguments :-) It use the MPEGA.library for decoding the audio (which is also written in ASM). The full chain is ASM afaik.

The original source code, kindly shared by S. Fellner himself, is about 400KB of pure ASM (and some tables), and main file is about 15 000 lines, which is quite equivalent to the MPEGA itself.

Legacy code is already impressive and optimized ; it has been preserved even for the Apollo project and some improvements have been added in code. The work done by Buggs is a very serious one, respectful to the legacy code and brings new AMMX dedicated code but not only (68060 benefits also from the recent work). Maintaining RiVA is a serious project which needs serious 68k skills - we speak in it of all the 68k features panel, superscalar, inst/data caches, cache hits, branch predicts, accuracy of decoding, accuracy of rendering, accuracy of testings, ...

Other facts, the RiVA project compiles on my V600 in less than 8 seconds using last VASM_mot for 68000... and 68080 support. This is very acceptable compile time against a gcc project, by far. Of course 100% ASM is hardly maintainable and requires some weeks to understands.

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