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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
I think it would be great if you joined in and contributed to make riva faster also for regular amigas.
Could be nice, but I don't have RIVA sources.

Originally Posted by TuKo View Post
We would be very happy to have your skills in team to continue the improvement. Would you like to join ?
It's some fun to read you asking me to join, as I've been an Apollo team member long before you. But major disagreements made me an 'inactive' member.

Originally Posted by TuKo View Post
P.S. : RiVa is already 100% ASM.
Seems a little large for this. I still have to see the code anyway ; why not posting some link, or, if you don't want to make it public, send that to me by PM ?

Originally Posted by grond View Post
Why don't you optimise the original RiVa for all 68k then? I'm sure the team would be happy to give you the sources. After all they could concentrate on the spots where AMMX instructions are best used and then merge with your version of the code.
Optimizing without having the sources is possible but quite time consuming, so it's not going to happen as long as i don't get them.
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