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Originally Posted by TroyWilkins View Post
Does your A600 have a socketed Kickstart, and have you considered upgrading to Kickstart 3.1?
I'm really not sure what's in the A600. I'm still waiting for the delivery but my guess according to the description is that it is an unexpanded A600 and probably on Kickstart 2.0 or about there.

Once I get it I definitely only want to upgrade to 8meg fast RAM for testing code on a project I have in mind that will relay on the code been in fast.

The Kipper2k boards look good but I expect the Vampire stuff will keep him busy but I guess there is no harm in asking once I get the machine here. If he is busy are there any other types of internal RAM expansion by other companies?

There's something exciting about buying an Amiga again... it takes me back to my childhood. With all the PCs and Macs I've owned after I left the Amiga behind in the mid 90s does not come close to this excitement
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