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I would say @ Thor, but I think it's best to address more like, "If it would be possible, maybe it's OK if I ask a question, Is Mr Thor available and if so, may I converse with him briefly?"

Dang! LOL I didn't realize, you already helped build my first PPC update! Thank you. Thank you.

I was wondering, I saw you could use help in assembly, & I saw some literature to follow up on, (just don't remember where, but will find again, eventually) what you'd recommend as a starting point for some one who knows little about assembly?

(I'm still in the birthing stages like a little chicken hatching out of an egg. But it seems like a Freescale surplus could lead to a '5000t' hybrid of sorts)

Ever thought of assembling a dream team of enthusiasts with last AAA, or maybe 5000t hybrid, on the workbench? (just for prototyping?) (not mass production. LOL) (unless maybe this is something you'd be thinking of)

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon
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