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Just remember this?

Dang. Must have been early. I don't even remember typing that! LOL (edit: just realized, wasn't saying, "Just remember this!" LOL Actually I was mistyping, "just remembered this" 10-4)


I have a new easy question. (or so I thought) (I look online, not seeing what I'm looking for other than disk image and bin2iso_ppc) (just don't know how to edit the script to incorporate the conversion and the mounting of an image isn't computing in my mind or the docs are beyond me)

How do I open rom.bin files? I have a bunch of .bin's in the rom accelerators I've downloaded.

Not that I'm trying to open them, I'm more just trying to get rid of the .bin extension so they are ready to go if I call on them.

Am I simply supposed to just change the extension? (from .bin to .rom?)

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon

PS Wish me luck, I'm about to contact Thor. (maybe if I'm guided in the right direction, I can learn some assembly language and help out)

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