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Still testing 2016-10-30 17:54 winuae.exe.

Windows 10: While sound is playing, open Sound control panel and un-check "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device". Emulation continues with no sound and this in the log:
WASAPI: GetBuffer() 88890026
WASAPI: IsFormatSupported(2,00000003,48000) (-1,-1) 8889000E
Reopen sound failed. Retrying with default device.
WASAPI: IsFormatSupported(2,00000003,48000) (-1,-1) 8889000E

0x8889000E is AUDCLNT_E_EXCLUSIVE_MODE_NOT_ALLOWED. Maybe fall back to shared mode in that case?

Windows 7: Instead of emulation continuing with no sound, WinUAE hangs with no log output.
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