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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
The use case would be the same as WASAPI exclusive on Vista+: lower latency.
XP-only improvement: not really.

Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
WASAPI EX and shared: While WinUAE is playing sound, opening Sound control panel and changing the sound format (e.g. from 48kHz to 88.2kHz) causes WinUAE to stop playing sound. That's not really a problem, but if you press F12, change sound emulation back to Enabled and click OK, sound plays again even though no other audio settings were changed. Perhaps WinUAE could restart sound playing automatically then?
There is no guarantee mode change is instant. I'll need to check WASAPI event notifications, they apparently are meant to detect on the fly sound mode changes.

WASAPI: Initialize() 88890020
This is now handled. (Find lowest supported period and use it)

Now try something different... Sound cpl 48kHz, run WinUAE, start emulation with WASAPI shared sound, it plays at 48kHz as above. Press F12 to open settings window. Using Sound cpl change default format (e.g. to 88.2kHz). Continue emulation. WinUAE hangs (stops responding) with this log output:
WASAPI: Resume GetBuffer() 88890004
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