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Stay away from Indivision ECS or ACA 620 as they are not worth it. Indi ECS has a bug where it will not remember 1:1 50Hz setting after cold boots. This will probably never get fixed. ACA 620 is an accelerator for Amiga 600 if you want a whdload setup. however it has timing issues and many games and demos will not work. And it runs hot.

I have pretty much upgraded all my Amigas with alot of the indivision products and various other stuff. Looking back I would probably not have bought scandoublers as I now have BenQ BL 702A and BL 912 screens which will work perfectly on the Amiga RGB directly. Will give much better results than any scandoubler can do. Unless you're looking for flicker free hi-res laced workbench of course.

If I were you I would settle with a BenQ BL 702A. You could either get a RGB to VGA adapter or get RGB to VGA cable from this guy, which I highly recommend. Will look much nicer.

I would also get a floppy emulator. Gotek with HXC firmware will work just fine. when I look back on all the stuff I have invested in I think I should have just skipped the whole whdload thing and just used floppy emulators. But that is just my opinion.
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