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Hello and welcome

All A600s are equipped with an IDE port and a PCMCIA slot, both of which can accept flash cards. Installing one in the internal IDE port is akin to a hard drive replacement, while the external PCMCIA option is more appropriate for file transfers between systems. You can also use a serial or parallel link if you don't expect to move large amounts of data.

You can expand the A600 to 2MB of Chip RAM easily, it has an expansion port specifically for that. The PCMCIA slot can also accept RAM cards, so an additional 4 megs is possible that way. To go beyond those, you will need some sort of RAM expansion or accelerator board which clips onto the 68000 CPU itself.

Certain models of LCD monitors are happy to accept the Amiga RGB signal as is. These include at least selected Dell and BenQ models, but you'll need to be careful in picking one out. Also any TV with a SCART input should be able to display the Amiga nicely, although as I understand, that connection is not a common option in Australia. You can also get something called Indivision ECS which will provide proper VGA output, and then practically any monitor will work. And of course if you are happy with composite, rather than RGB output, most any display will do the job.

All of these are fairly common questions for newbies, so have a look at some of the recent threads here on the forum for further inspiration and answers
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