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I took the AGA MK2 out of my A1200. I have two BenQ BL 702A and one BL 912. First of all the 50Hz mode you can make with the MK2 will never be 100% perfectly smooth due to no vsync setting. Second, DVI is way too sharp for the Amiga and gaming. Even with scanlines on it will be more pixelated VS one of the above mentioned BenQ monitors connected to RGB and with low sharpness settings with no scanlines. Also, this thing with people making fullscreen profiles for gaming is not my cup of tea. First of all 640x512 will be stretched and games will look even more pixelated, secondly there are quite a few games which needs overscan area, like pinball dreams. With 640x512 these will not show the whole screen of the game. I made a custom resolution close to 720x576 which will show the games correctly and not fill the whole screen. It will fill as much as if you connected the monitor directly to RGB. Which is the correct way to show the picture in my opinion.

Also, if you make different resolutions for workbench then there will be a delay when going in and out of games. So I made the same resolution for workbench and ran it in PAL hi-res laced. This way there was almost no delay when enetering/exiting games.

Anyway, the reason I took the AGA MK2 out is because since I have these BenQ screens which works perfectly on the RGB the only thing the AGA MK2 had going for it was high res workbench modes. I dont really see any reason why I should need that as I use my A1200 for gaming/demos.

I also quit using my Indivision ECS as those have a known bug with not storing the 1:1 50Hz profile after coldboots. Same for these, the BenQ screens connected directly to the RGB is actually less pixelated VS Indi ECS with scanlines on.

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