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RiVa AMMX Benchmarks

Since start of the Apollo 68080 adventure, Stephen Fellner, author of the RiVa MPEG Player, was kind enough to share sources of his player with the Apollo team.

As some of you might have followed the changes in core over the last months, AMMX instructions were introduced in the Apollo-Core, meaning that software that take benefit from them experience big speedups.

With the dedicated work of buggs and flype, RiVa has been modified to take advantages from those AMMX instructions.

Here are some results :

Core: Apollo 68080 AMMX Core, Revision 3543, x11 speed

Download links :
Original RiVa
TopGun 320 Video
TopGun 640 Video

IQ has also been greatly improved (YUYV versus R5G6B5 quality) and stereo audio has also been enabled !

All this is still WIP and should be part of next GOLD2 release

Stay tuned !

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