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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
Amiquake is based on WinQuake so it would be interesting to see how many of those it could run.
Envenom works with AwinQuake, but crashes glQuake/WinUAE. It's a horror survival game similar to Resident Evil. Not fully finished but still playable.
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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
It seems like Quake Click Boom does not support Screens RTG (only AGA)and your MOD seems that they are not supported. MOD tested with Click Boom it worked "Your Path of Destruction (YPOD)".
GLQuake with the MOD "YPOD"It has a graphics problem on see screenshot weapons (you have an idea how to fix), the same "YPOD" with AwinQuake We see very well, i also tested the MOD "Death Mash and it goes well with both GLQuake that AwinQuake, see scereenshot.
I tested OpenQuartz with ClickBoom Quake a while back, it is possible to get it working, and it does support RTG screens.
That graphics problem is caused by a clash between the meshes in id1/glquake and the models in the YPOD progs drawer. To fix it delete the id1/glquake and YPOD/glquake drawers and run YPOD again. The best way to avoid most of these problems is to never run Quake directly from the id1 drawer. Create a Quake/Quake1 drawer and run Quake with the -game Quake1 parameter.
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