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Originally posted by 7-Zark-7
Their arrogance is astounding. To actually own the rights to so little,(a brand name?),& yet go waiving legal sticks at fanssites, is the height of hypocrisy!
Height of greed, more like.
Originally posted by 7-Zark-7
Of course it'd probably cause a Back to the future situation, the C64 scene would be forced to go underground like the old days- except it'd look a tad suspicious if we were all caught in the school grounds swapping CD's of C64 d/l's!
Even more difficult given one of my old school's has been torn down & replaced by a church!
If kids could only be that cool. Actually, a remixed underground might boost retrogaming street cred, so it could feasibly backfire on them anyway. Unless that very underground scene generated enough cult interest to create a buzz amongst konsumer kiddies. This is all too paradoxical to consider (sober, at least...)
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