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Originally Posted by JZon View Post
Do you have esp? I was just about to make a new statement to this post regarding rom/ram! Incredible!

Thank you for the links. (Had been looking for these things last few days) It's interesting, I've constantly re installed things in the correct order up to what I have now. Question is, can I do it again from brain matter memory. (BMM) (LOL)
esp? BMM ? sorry, dunno exatly what you mean, but my little hints are not in vain, so i think it's ok posting them

i use google , searching with: SEARCH TERM
this gives good results from eab forum, which has a lot of these tutorials, but hard to find sometimes.
Yes, my question was going to be..

Isn't BlizKick supposed to turn the boot rom into flash ram? Doesn't flash ram operate faster? (I didn't know this was possible, even built in to WinUAE with MapROM emulation.) (But, like you say it's inconsequential unless you're on a real Amiga, why would it be here in WinUAE? Maybe there is a config or set up where it's looking for this to be ticked?) (Near answering that myself, just need a little more quality time to investigate)
on real hardware ROMS are stored in a slow rom-memory, using this map rom feature, it transfers the rom into the fast-ram, which is hardwarewise faster (accesstime 150 ns vs 80ns or lower).

i think it was build into winuea to make the emulation more real in any aspect,
but does not give the speed plus which you see on real hardware.

Another feature of interest I see is the ability to go in and add or change to the existing rom's as they don't always take up the full 512 kb's. (Thought that was cool)
adding content of ROMs can be done with Doobrey's Remus/Romsplit.
here is an example to make a 1mb rom.
i did it once some time ago, and got mixed results, lengthy process,
but it can make things easier, once one succeeds

I want to create a startup sequence that incorporates quick boot, faster memory, idefix (not sure what it fixes), & others. (It's almost like an SAT question towards the end of the test, lol, trying to use the examples to formulate your own requirements) (I still have to go back at the end and add a proper install doc for this post and Aladdin 4D install too) (I guess the BlizKick portion should be included here)
once you have done the setup for your 3.9 system, i would create a backup of the working one, and add additional things step by step.
for example idefix was some kind of addon to speedup/fix(?!) some problems with the internal build in ide controller. (again not sure here).

a summary after your endeavour would be much appreciated, sure

Also finding gigamem to be another item of great interest. (Is this making ram files to disk? That's about the coolest thing I've heard in decades)
yeah, this increases ram size. 25+ yrs ago, i was using it, since i only had 8MB fast ram expansion, gining me some more MBs to run Lightwave.
it was working somehow, but since it uses the slow HDD for extra ram, it wasn't so fasat at all. but it was working somehow.
in winuea just increase ram size and skip gigamem

Also went to X1000 land and was checking out the expandability. But, I couldn't find a concrete mhz spec, nor formulate a calculation for discerning mhz per extra expansion. (I'm assuming it finally level's out to or near a certain figure and then the quantity of information begins to grow from there)

Do we know any one who has tested an actual X1000 with purported 1.8 ghz vs a WinUAE set up on like a 32 gb ram quad computer?

Can Aos4.x run, emulated with WinUAE, at or better than the X1000? What if the X1000 gets all these expansions?

I'd like to see some benchmark figures in a comparison chart. (I have a feeling the X1000, expanded, may be force to recon with)
i'm not so much into this x1000 machines. asa soon as i win the lottery, i'll take a closer look

there is Amiga OS 4.1 for classic architecture, those a4000/a1200 with ppc expansion cards.
Installing AmigaOS 4.1 with FS-UAE
AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition A1200 / Blizzard PPC Installation Step-by-Step Guide

i think emulation of the x1000 architecture is not necessary.
winuea can emulate the ppc architecture which you need, so going more into every x1000 hardware detail wont happen, and is of no use.

I was going to ask what's the highest os and hardware emu set up for WinUAE, but I want to check out the above links you's suggested first.
hmm, the most modern os you can use is 4.1 for classic, this is well supported by winuae. how fast you'll see it, depends on your host computer running winuae on.
OK, Thank you very much! Brother Jzon

PS Thanks again for following up with me. We were discussing these things in the Aladdin Install post, I remember. I've been looking at the history of mmu, how it's the precursor to modern virtual memory, and realizing what a powerful tool this is to make a completely failsafe os set up. Maybe the days of having to start from scratch all the time are closing! LOL
np. these features of the mmu was not taken in the old amiga OS upto 3.9.
the more modern 4.x series makes a better use of the mmu AFAIK.

the advantage of using winuae is the way you can make backups and revert, once you run into a big mess. so it's somehow convenient to have a play with it once in a while
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