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Do you have esp? I was just about to make a new statement to this post regarding rom/ram! Incredible!

Thank you for the links. (Had been looking for these things last few days) It's interesting, I've constantly re installed things in the correct order up to what I have now. Question is, can I do it again from brain matter memory. (BMM) (LOL)

Yes, my question was going to be..

Isn't BlizKick supposed to turn the boot rom into flash ram? Doesn't flash ram operate faster? (I didn't know this was possible, even built in to WinUAE with MapROM emulation.) (But, like you say it's inconsequential unless you're on a real Amiga, why would it be here in WinUAE? Maybe there is a config or set up where it's looking for this to be ticked?) (Near answering that myself, just need a little more quality time to investigate)

Another feature of interest I see is the ability to go in and add or change to the existing rom's as they don't always take up the full 512 kb's. (Thought that was cool)

I want to create a startup sequence that incorporates quick boot, faster memory, idefix (not sure what it fixes), & others. (It's almost like an SAT question towards the end of the test, lol, trying to use the examples to formulate your own requirements) (I still have to go back at the end and add a proper install doc for this post and Aladdin 4D install too) (I guess the BlizKick portion should be included here)

Also finding gigamem to be another item of great interest. (Is this making ram files to disk? That's about the coolest thing I've heard in decades)

Also went to X1000 land and was checking out the expandability. But, I couldn't find a concrete mhz spec, nor formulate a calculation for discerning mhz per extra expansion. (I'm assuming it finally level's out to or near a certain figure and then the quantity of information begins to grow from there)

Do we know any one who has tested an actual X1000 with purported 1.8 ghz vs a WinUAE set up on like a 32 gb ram quad computer?

Can Aos4.x run, emulated with WinUAE, at or better than the X1000? What if the X1000 gets all these expansions?

I'd like to see some benchmark figures in a comparison chart. (I have a feeling the X1000, expanded, may be force to recon with)

I was going to ask what's the highest os and hardware emu set up for WinUAE, but I want to check out the above links you's suggested first.

OK, Thank you very much! Brother Jzon

PS Thanks again for following up with me. We were discussing these things in the Aladdin Install post, I remember. I've been looking at the history of mmu, how it's the precursor to modern virtual memory, and realizing what a powerful tool this is to make a completely failsafe os set up. Maybe the days of having to start from scratch all the time are closing! LOL
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