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Top down shooter - Ideas and features

I'm coding a game in my free time (not enough of it !) and I decided to make it the best top down shooter ever. Not an easy task, but it'll happen... eventually.

So here's a small list of the things I want to do and you tell me if that sounds good or stupid.
KB + Mouse controls mainly. You can aim freely with your mouse. Bullet weapons will just fire in the direction you point to, projectiles (bazookas etc. ) will go exactly where you aim them, so you can explode a rocket on the floor (and get a speed boost too)
The whole game would not have "levels" but maps. By that I mean, there's no Level ending screen with a score and other stuff like this. There's just loading of the next map, just like in FPS games such as Half-Life
Quicksaves... not much to say about that one
Lots of enemies at the same time, no hitscans, melee and projectiles. Ever played Serious Sam ? That's what I'm aiming for.

It's using SDL2 to create a screen and do the input management, but everything else is coded by me. The game uses 256 colors (32 colors in 8 shades) in a VGA-like mode with all bliting functions written by me. I decided to do it this way because
1) Making retro pixel game that requires 2Ghz + CPU is LAME
2) I have a laptop with a crappy built-in Intel GFX chipset, doing it the "normal" way was actually much much slower.
Another advantage of doing it this approach is that it should be fairly easy to port this game to a really old PC. I don't have one (the slowest PC I have is 1.5 Ghz cpu with 128 mb ram, runs on it with ~150fps) to test it on, but my dream would be to make it run on a pentium I or pentium II with win95

I include a small video of what I have. Not much to show off, but I wanted to include it to show that I'm actually working on it and I'm not just ideas guy.

[ Show youtube player ]
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