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Same issue in 2016. How did you eventually resolve it?

I simply don't know how to load adf files into my AF 2016 HDD installation via KX Light.

EDIT: OK so I gave it a wholehearted shot and this is what I came up with.

AF installed as CD to HDD via KX Lite:
You can't use adfs.

You can use CDs if you copy the CD0 DOSDriver from storage to devs and reboot with the cd inserted.

So what should be on the CD if you can't use ADFs then what's the point? Easy on windows.

Go get ADF Opus and install it.
Use it to open up and adf file and copy the contents to a windows directory. Burn that directory to the cd (well as many as you can stand doing this to).

It does not solve the bootable adf issue but it can at least be used to install programs.

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