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i've zoned: KoK-OpalVision.lha
the gamefolder plus opal*.librar(y)ies from my libs: folder.

#1) does also work booting w/o startup-sequence.
just added the assigns to opalvison: and karatedat: ( see included assign script )
and started loader.exe. titlescreen looks good, levelscreen in this "grey-ish" mode,
as seen above. no setpatch, no loadwb, just cd to the kok folder, assigns and loader.exe from cli.

btw: did you were using the "install" script of the KoK disk #1?
it does some file converting, while installing. just about to ensure, your non working version
has something todo with the install procedure.

This sets control line very differently, it seems hardware trigger method works differently than I originally thought.
i can just nod here while I wait for a new beta

btw: winuae beta 13 10/23/2016 - if I run workbench in P96 with z3-uae-rtg gfx card (800x600 32 bit) and start opalpaint, the system freezes.
if i use pal hires/lace for the workbench, opalpaint just starts as expected.

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