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1) The size limit is due to the Mac OS. You should never be using an Amiga CD ROM driver for mounting with FUSION. Please follow the instructions for CD-ROMs found in FUSION's documentation.
2) You can use Toast with a SCSI device, just like a real Mac. You can't read/write Mac disks with Amiga drives. You can use AMIA with a real Mac drive with the Amiga.
3) FUSION is the fastest Mac emulation you can get for the Amiga - period. Sounds like you are trying to decompress from a CD image or something.
4) Typically you only use a main partition and a few others for games and such. It's never been an issue in the past.
5) This must be a WinUAE issue. This does not occur on a real Amiga with P96. FUSION can run for months (and has in the case of libraries, and bulletin board systems). This must be something to do with running on an emulator?
6) Sounds like you are not using the CD-ROM setup correctly. You should be using a SCSI device driver on the Mac side with the CD setup as a SCSI device - or using an Amiga device driver for the CD setup in the Peripherals menu. You can't use AsimCDFS for FUSION.
A) If you are using the universal install CD for OS8.1, it's on the desktop once you have done a complete install (all tools).
B) The limit should be 256MB as that is all a real Mac can address.

There are videos of Warcraft II playing on a Vampire setup. It works on my WinUAE setup as well.
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