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Exclamation Another OS3.9 boot problem

I wonder if someone can point me in the right direction on installing and booting into AmigaOS3.9.

I've created a standard hard drive image 2Gbyt and a OS3.9 emergency boot floppy (adf image).

I've booted from the floppy which mounted the CD (uaescsi.device unit 0), and run the installer.
It went through with no problems but when I tried to boot from it, it said DH0: was NDOS, I looked at it from a AmigaOS3.1 setup in the emulator

and that too said NDOS. By firing up AMIKIT I could see the drive and read it. It said old filing system and all the OS3.9 files were there!

I remember when I had a physical Amiga and had a problem with the hard drive, I was given a program called prep which gave me the option of

installing an Amiga RBD boot block at location 0. It seems to me that is what is missing, anyone any ideas or suggestion how to make this hdf


I did try an alternative aproach, created a drive which I could read, booted from a AmigaOS3.9 hdf (I need a larger one 2Gbyts) and transferred

all the files from the boot drive with 'copy DH0: to DH1: all clone quiet', which did it, but again it wouldn't boot.

Any clues anybody?
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