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Getting late. Barely able to type..

I've got a new hard file I'm working from..

A4000 WB3.9 68060 PPC HDF

It was created with 976 mb's. Managed to install WB3.9, fpu & mmu running, low 30's mhz. I'm about to install HSMathLibs_060. But, I know it's going to want to see BlizKick. I'm trying to get it working on it's simplest config.

Not sure, I think I've chosen the correct file for editing the start up sequence, "StartUp-Sequence-BB3.9-1". The line I've entered is, "C:BlizKick DEVS:rom3.1 QUIET". Here is a picture of where I've entered it..

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Then it wanted to see a kickstart rom, so I used the lazy man 'click here' and it put this rom, rom_v45.57, in devs. I'm not sure, is BlizKick looking for this in the Extended ROM file:? I put rom v45.57 there and clicked MapROM emulation.

Not sure if I've got my rom set up or startup set up. I also did lazy man's applypatch and stopped there. Emulation is a little choppy as far as mouse response and boot. Not sure what kind of usage I need. Some items of interest are the CopyIDEfixPrefs and KingCon-handler.pch (don't even know what those are), protectextresbuf looks good (idk what that is either), localfast/s quickboot/s speedrom/s all look good, and only other thing I saw was quiet/s (thought maybe just this would allow BlizKick to engage)

Is there a recommended BlizKick config with my setup?
Isn't it all about setting up the proper command line in the start up sequence?

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon

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