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Im now using fusion for few days, experience is good, after figure out how StufIt and Diskcopy working, but could be much better:
1) maximum size of HDD files - 999 MB is annoying, lots of games is in cd format they are big and swap cd image between Amiga and Mac is annoying. I know that there is AmigaFS file limit is 2 GB or 4GB, but even 2GB image size would be better.. and possiblity have multiple files HDD images as in case of Vmware would be the king way.

- possiblity to directly mount toast image in Fusion, form Amiga HDD, which could be Windows shared folder with unlimited size would be great, WinUAE cd mounting is reallly buggy
2) Support of mac floppy images from Amiga filesystem directly in emulator.

3) Stuffit Excation speed, is really slow for few mb extraction (Heroes II took 15 minutes for 25 MB archive), i wonder Shapeshifter with Jit is significantly faster?

4) I have to use lots of small HDD files and its required filename MSHardfileX, its not really helping in orientation which file is which.

5) Double mouse cursor if im switch between Amiga and MacOS

Every few hours i have some crash - whole WinUAE, especially when machine get idle, but its ok, its emulator or during file manipulation in Finder.

6) Every boot i got message but intialization of CD image, even when i have only device but any cd is not inserted in WinUAE drive.


A)where is Stuffit in case of 8.1 located? I managed it working by transfer it from preinstalated image, but not from install.

B) How big is maximal save Fusion Mac Ram settings - its 128 or 256 MB is still ok? I read that Quadra 950 supported also quite big chunk of memory.

Games -
Warcraft 1 was always working,
Simcity - Simcity 1, was ok,
Simcity - 2000 was problematic, i will retest it.
Warcraft 2 - is beast - because of HDD size limitation i have to use smaller version, no my cd version, maybe badly cracked, striped 1.22 a i heard that is game was problematic even on real mac.
Even in some youtube video - author saying is not working for him too, i have tried to upgraded it to 1.4, but is not working, maybe because of crack.

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