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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
It is not generic FS problem because UAE directory filesystem works fine.
It does not work. I guess I accidentally used wrong config.

There is no way to get it to work without larger updates. I quickly found following breaking changes between 0.7 vs 1.0:

- DosList dol_Name is BCPL string array, not a pointer. (Easy to work around)
- FileSysStartUpMsg does not seem to exist. (This should not cause any problems when using directory filesystem)
- Level 2 interrupt server chain (probably 6 too) don't seem to exist or at least they don't work, only ROM built-in CIA routine is called. (Not easy to work around and these probably aren't the only breaking changes..)

This become "not worth the trouble". It is not "would be fun to support ancient ROM versions" anymore.

KS 1.0 is oldest "compatible" ROM. At least until someone finds KS version that is newer than 0.7 but older than 1.0.
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