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Just out of curiosity I made a test on ImageFX 2.6 with an image representing the 24bit full color palette. Of course as it was expected my A1200 couldn't display a 4096x4096 image, I got some memory errors.
Well, at least I could load the picture since I've 128MB of RAM on my A1200. So I cropped the image to 1280x1280 wich was the absolute limit before getting some memory errors again.
Then I rendered it in HAM8 (HiRes HAM laced), saved the pic and loaded it to count the colors from the buffer. I repeated the test cropping the image to 1024x1024 and 512x512.

Here are the results :

1280 x 1280 -> 41082
1024 x 1024 -> 16775
512 x 512 -> 12296

In my case I was far from 262144 colors here...

Oh, the croped zone was simply the upper left corner. As the image is divided in 256x256 squares, the max I could crop was 5x5 squares (1280x1280 pixels).

If someone want to make the experiment, I put the original 16MP image in the zone.
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