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Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
the first big batch of V600 is currently being assembled and i should hopehully receive in 10 - 14 days. if all is good then a bigger order will be placed every 3 weeks so there should be 600 + more by years end.

The V500+ vampire is on the way to Majsta so the testing still has to be completed on that.. In the meanwhile work progresses on the v1200 and variious Phoenix boards. Also work is ongoing with Atari implementation while we wait...

here is a teaser...
Thank you kipper2k for clearing that up. I was afraid I never get to finish my Amiga 600 super gaming console in aluminum enclosure project due to lackof Vampire 600

But this Atari thing really got me unguarded. I should have my old Atari 1024ST on my grandparent's attic, seems soon may be time to dig that one up and clear the dust! I have plenty of love for all platforms.

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