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Err so does this mean they have shifted the focus from producing Vampire accelerators to produce standalone Apollo boards?

I mean Vampire 600 production has been in halt for months or so due to lack of capacity to meet the demand and recently they said they have finally outsourced manufacturing the boards and expect soon to deliver 200 boards every few weeks or so. There is currently queue of 1000 Vampire 600 boards and it's increasing every day so I bet it will take half an year to deliver all Vampire 600 boards yet still they are saying they can start selling standalone boards in few months?

I just don't understand what's going on, seems like something is going on, has kipper2k and majsta quit for good and remaining Apollo team has different interests? Don't take me wrong, I am happy. I will buy Vampire 600 and I will buy standalone board for sure and I respect their work a lot and when I mean a lot I mean A LOT. It's just weird to observe these mixed signals...
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