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FUSION works with a real 020 through 060. There are no problems there. However, a real 060 with the Mac OS is only marginally faster than a 25MHz 040 (and slower than a 33MHz 040) because there was never an 060 Mac (or accelerator) ever made so that Apple could fix their OS to be 060 compatible. I had to patch the crap out of the Mac OS to handle the 060's various issues with the Mac OS. 040/JIT is faster than 060/JIT. So if you are using WinUAE, I would recommend setting the CPU to 040.

Keep in mind that if you change ROMs with FUSION (or Shapeshifter/real Mac) you must re-install the Mac system software. I guess people don't understand that FUSION is just like a real Mac. Unless you are installing from Mac OS install CD specifically labeled as "universal installer", you would be using one for a particular Mac model. Unlike the Amiga, where the Amiga OS works on all models that is not how the Mac worked. To minimize disk space, Apple only puts the resources tied to the machine it is designed for on the disk. This is why if you install on a Syquest cartridge for a Centris 650 you can't pop that cartridge into a Mac IIx or Quadra 950 - unless that cartridge was deliberately installed using a universal installer - which did not become available until OS 7.5.5. However, Apple did make OS7.5.5 and OS8.1 system specific CDs. You need to make sure the CD is labeled as universal installer, or get a CD that is intended for your exact ROM image. Again, this is NOT a FUSION issue - this is the same for a real Mac as well as Shapeshifter.

StuffIt Expander is included with OS8.1. You can just drag and drop the .sit/.hqx/.sea files on the icon.

There are plenty of videos of FUSION playing Warcraft, Warcraft II, Simcity, etc. - recently too, using the Vampire board. In fact, I demo'd these games on my Vampire 500 at CommVEx in July.

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