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Until the resource.library becomes readable, I found a work around. Just unarchive the files with the working A4000 WB3.9 68040 HD emu and go back and copy the unarchived files to the A4000 WB3.9 68060 PPC HD directory in Windows. Simple.

Also noticed in above screenshot that Floating Point Unit: not available.
It shows it's engaged in the WinUAE settings. Any guess there?

Finally came to a repeatable "nag" for lack of a better term, which could indeed be a "bug", in which case maybe, idk, a moderator or concerned party might want to relay back to um.. the makers of WinUAE.

Whenever I bunny skip around configs, like when I double click the A4000 WB3.9 68040 HD config, and then I restart, and then I double click A4000 WB3.9 68060 PPC HD config, I get the insert disk anim on boot for the A4000 WB3.9 68060 PPC HD config. So, (and another workaround) I quit WinUAE, then reopen WinUAE, and double click fresh on A4000 WB3.9 68060 PPC HD config and boom, it boots up no prob.

Somehow, I had 68060 engaged (no ppc at that point) with FPU and MMU on?? & good mhz. (may have been an aros rom or something or might not..)

(I wonder if these different configs will produce different advantages/disadvantages on Aladdin 4D renders?)

Standby for 68030/40/60ppc report.. .. .. (This may take a while)
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