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OK. Had to install the PPC option with after the main 3.9 install. (forgot I saw this 7 other times! LOL)

Then, I install the Math Libraries only (no patching) to other (since BlizKick is on standby), then I changed the PPCUpdate Rom Thomas had me create to the ROM from the Zone and success. Now I can put the settings for Cyberstorm PPC on the expansion page of WinUAE. (without the insert disk anim on boot)

Thank you.

Still looking at 41 mhz.

Ran into a new problem after the install. I went to unarchive and got a new error

Cannot open "resource.library", version 44. Unable to run "sys:Tools/Unarc".

Is there any rectifying this? (I see resource.library in libs)

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon
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