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I haven't looked it up lately. It seems though, like when I get a higher number, it seems like the emulation is running zippier. (Not sure)

The goal is a higher number. Sorry if I phrased it wrong. Isn't it like mega hertz like a hertz wave? I have a strong imagination, I just fill in the blanks of possibilities I conjure. Isn't it like the higher number of waves in a discrete amount of time, means more information? So in reality, you're increasing the speed with which information is moved?

(I took digital electronics in vocational school. I was supposed to have failed. LOL But, the instructor liked me so much, he gave me a C.)

I've tried a bunch of combinations on the math libraries. Then I read the instructions. lol The instructions way didn't work, but I didn't know what I was doing. There was one combo where it would reboot successfully. (I think it was just the libraries, no patches, and other on which program opens them)

Are we still good on that DP4 disk? I could fabricate a selfaddressed, prestamped mailing box inside a box with the disk and a disc. I haven't followed up on Amiga users in my area yet. (I got stuck on this ppc thing. LOL) (I kept seeing references to Cyber this and Cyber that in the Aladdin manual and then I'm like a kid in a candy factory picking out all this stuff I never could quite get to back then. Great fun. Great fun.)

That 335 mhz spec on the stock 68030 was impressive. I'm running low to upper mid 40's with the 68060. I think I had done something right, (I keep deleting the directory in Windows and reinstalling 3.9 and starting from scratch) because I'm pretty sure I saw like a 10 to 20 mhz increase at one point. (It's funny I saw stuff I forgot already, good stuff. Also, noticed when I start adjusting prefs, wb pattern, palette, screenmode.. the mhz would correspondingly decrease.)

The recommendations, (Mark_k) mentioned on the 68040, applied to the 68030 will probably even increase it more. (Haven't tried yet)

Here is the reading for a default setup copied straight from quickstart..

Click image for larger version

Name:	NewMHz.PNG
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Oh, I remember, the new good stuff, I saw the mmu working, good mhz, fpu engaged.. (I'm going too fast. forgetting to document. thinking I might can remember on the fly with this stuff fresh on the brain)

Thank you, thank you for the constructive criticism.

Is there a choice set of settings with BlizKick? I think I managed to install libraries and modules, once.

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon

Will report latest findings.. Standby.. .. ..
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