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A4000 WB3.9 68060 PPC HD Install

Hello. My name is Brother Jzon (HP2000/Win8.0/WinUAE3.3)

So I've pre built my hard drive directories:

A4000 WB3.9 68030default HD
A4000 WB3.9 68040 HD
A4000 WB3.9 68040 PPC HD
A4000 WB3.9 68060 HD
A4000 WB3.9 68060 PPC HD

(Did a clean install of WinUAE too.)

The 68030, I grabbed from the quick start setup. It came in around a whopping 335 mhz!

The 68040 read was lower. and 68060 lower than that. (default settings with my normal after tweaks) (the tweaks from previous post produce faster mhz, just not up to that yet) (because..)

I wanted to try the 68060 version with ppc. I have the HSMath_060 libs and BlizKick. The HSMath library install asked for different combinations with and without patch and also wanted to see, among others, BlizKick. When I unarchive BlizKick, the readme has an install, click here option.

I'm not sure if I've installed either the Math Libraries or BlizKick properly.

I've also downloaded UpdatePPC and CyberTools (which has Cyber Patcher)

I want to install BlitzKick first, so HSMath Library install sees this. But, I don't know if I should set the patch on the HSMath Library install. Should I let Cyber Patcher do it? (Just install the libraries?) Then, I want to update with PPCUpdate. (Or should I?)

Can I select something easier than BlizKick?

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon

Click image for larger version

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