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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Yeah, I guess I could but it's roughly 2GB...

As much as possible, but given that in my collection there are 1500+ games it's really impossible to test all from start --> finish...

I've tried my best and have also been reading / watching discussion in forums over many, many years on which files are problematic / best to use etc.

Also, another thing I thought about. What type of Amiga is your Gotek fitted into?

In my collection 1300 are A500 games and the other 200 are AGA games. When it comes to A500 games if you are using an A600 then obviously compatibility cannot be guaranteed and same if you are using these OCS / ECS games on an A1200.
I do all my floppy gaming on 1MB Kickstart 1.3 Amiga 500s. I use A600/A1200 for whdload gaming. Will use the ADFs on Cortex Goteks/HXC Goteks and even real floppies. Plan to flash my Cortex Goteks into HXC when I get the flash tool.

Would be awesome if you could upload this somewhere. You could remove all AGA, NTSC and other language than English ADFs to reduce the size. I only need PAL, English and non AGA titles.
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