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Well, the BenQ BL 702A will give a certain unsharpness when connected directly to RGB, when Phase and Pixel clock are finetuned and sharpness is at the default level 1 in the monitors settings. At the same time it has a very nice picture. And of course smooth in scrolling. But of course not scanlines. But this screen when connected as described here and with these settings dont really need scanlines.

However, any flatscreen, including BenQ BL 702A connected to Indy ECS or AGA MK2 will be too sharp, even at the same lvl 1 sharpness. So it will then need scanlines to look good. If I have my BL 702A connected to RGB and turn the sharpness up to lvl 2 it will show the same type of too sharp and blocky picture as when connected to scandoubler with sharpness lvl 1.
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