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What is the purpose of "QuickStartCompatibility"?

A long time ago I posted here and asked why, on a clean install of WinUAE on a new install of Windows, did some of my demos not run properly? There would be things like glitches, missing elements to a sequence or the demo remaining stuck on one part.

Well, I found the cause when I made WinUAE portable, so removing all the Registry entries for it and moving them to an .ini file in the WinUAE root.

When I did that, I had to set up everything again, like Host Configuration and Paths and everything, and the problem manifested itself again. In the past, I would solve the problem by running one particular demo on totally the wrong model of Amiga (intended for A1200 but running on the fastest A4000) and from then on the problem was solved and everything was working properly.

I did that just now and compared the two .ini files, and one of the differences between them was the term "QuickStartCompatibility", which before was 1 and now was 0.

So what is this? How does it control emulation? Is it needed for certain situations? Because I find that it works best for me when it is 0.
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