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Originally Posted by ché View Post
Reincarnation of Dr. Ryan Czerwinski of Merlancia Industries
Not exactly. Ryan ran around with a platinum credit card for some time and spent quite some money on Amiga stuff, but also on shows - until the trust fund that was released for his 16th birthday ran dry and the credit card refused to work.

After that, he and his mom continued the business, begging all suppliers (including me) to ship goods upfront. Silly me found out too late, but didn't loose too much money.

Salvador is different: He only owns some Amiga stuff, and he's playing the attention game with this Phake5 to advertise for his auctions. My guess is that there is no substantial cash available, so he won't be able to pay for an engineer, service company or components. If he had the cash available, he would have founded a GmbH with 25.000,- EUR base capital. Although this is less than what you need to really start a production run, we all know that these funds are not lost, but fully available to a newly-founded company. So if you need it anyway, why not give it as capital to the company to demonstrate that you're serious?

So the major difference between Ryan and Salvador is that Ryan had good funds available, but spent them on the wrong things. If Salvador had cash available, he probably wouldn't show an empty basement room with outdated hardware and an unregistered version of Altium designer in a configuration that is hard to believe anyone would really use (no details, I don't want to show him what's wrong with his pictures).

So, in execution of my right for free speech, I think that Salvador and Ryan only share the level of stupidity, but nothing else.

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