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But as i wrote above, i still need somehow setup Fusion CD-ROM and i dont have uaescsi device, as you have.
At least not in devs or dosdrivers, its not listed, i have tried to search such file through simplefind, but dont have any.

Its a mess, so i have to add iso in WinUAE on two places probably - bellow in CD/Drive image settings and second - add new device.

Even then add and i got uaescsi error right after Workbench start - cant open a uaescsi device.device unit 1

Working with CD settings making my WinUAE settings often corrupted and after i have got that uaescsi errors, after boot.
At the end i hardcoded that uaescsi.device string into inputbox and its working, i have installed 8.1, but..

Warcraft 2 is still crashing same way and i have still same problem to start installers from internet, it all looks like emulator bugs on 68040 + WB 3.1 with Quadra 950.

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