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WinUAE It does not support image ISO HFS (.toast), you have to use to mount AsimCDFS the best manager of Amiga CD.
Im abit confused, i installed AsimCDFS to mac, when i insert image in WinUAE i can now see Mac disk in AmigaOS, but i dont now how to propagate it into Fusion,
on all picture you have uaescsi device, i dont have such device. I just tried CD0 - for AmiCDFS, but this is not working.

Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
However you can also avoid mount the the ISO HFS on AMiGA OS, if you configure the CD as SCSI Directly on Fusion or ShapeShifter (uaescsi.device) the CD is automatically seen by the MAC, view screenshots.
I have system without optical media and OS image in iso format. In this case do you meant to use physical disk, or i could use some tool to mount iso in Windows and forward it to WinUAE and Fusion?

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