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Originally Posted by liviux76 View Post
The original program has been released under the GPL License and I've made my changes following the same "rules".

I've just noticed that exactly 2 years ago I was "playing aroud" with that program and I opened a thread here where emufan helped me a lot.
Thx for the info and the program. It's weird that I didn't come across it. You know, I've got my first Amiga last week with lots of disks, but of course I want my demos and late games ! So I wanted to write my own floppies. I was waiting few days for the null modem cable and a workbench disk (which was sent to me by the EAB user Nobby_UK, THX again !) and the day I got it my WindowsXP wouldn't boot anymore (goodbye quake3) so I was looking far and wide for a solution on Linux. Enough rambling from me
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