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Blaming the Amiga community for holding back P5 product purchase, ultimately being the cause for P5's bankruptcy back in the days? Nope, that wasn't what happened.

P5 had purchased Juki assembly machines (pick&place machines) that were just too big and too expensive for what they needed for their business. Further, their premises were too small to actually use these machines: Normally, you need at least three times the space of the machines for preparation and after-assembly work. This space was not available in their premises, resulting in low usage of these expensive machines.

When P5 went bankrupt, DCE purchased the machines, along with other P5 stock and rights. DCE's premises were big enough to use all of the Juki machines in-line. They had been used even years after, for example for Pegasos assembly, but mainly for contract work, as that's the only way to reach a high degree of capacity utilization.

How I know all of this? Back in the days, I contemplated buying one of these Juki machines (specifically the 750-type with three heads). Thomas Dellert from DCE was pretty chatty, also gave me the wise advice not to try doing my own assembly.

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