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Is anywhere some tutorial how to install Mac OS in Fusion from CD?

I just tried to use ISO mounted in WinUAE, because Imgmount probably dont support Mac HFS ISO (i got some mount error),
but Fusion is not able to boot from it, i dont now bootable medium screen.

When i boot into already installed Mac HDD, i cant see, that WinUEA cd image is inserted in Mac, but i got disk inicialize windows,
os its probably not recognized as proper mac iso image..

I Fusion device list i have some CD1 device, i have installed IDEfix97, but there is other Peripherals setings-CDROM in Fusion,
is this setting applied to CD1 device, or it is other device? Here is have problem to select proper driver, because i dont know with
driver is for IDEfix CD-Rom..

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