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Originally posted by thomas
The following software is free:

AmiTCP V2 full version
AmiTCP V4 demo
Genesis demo (successor of AmiTCP)
Miami seems like the registered version of Miami V2 is free, too. You should try this.

Genesis can be bought from Haage&Partner or from any Amiga Dealer near you.

Unfortunately Miami can no longer be registered.

Configuration of AmiTCP is much like Unix. There are passwd, groups, hosts, services, inetd etc. files. Genesis and Miami are much easier. Just look at the GUI, you might find many familiar items.

Thanks for the links, ill have a go with the ones youve mentioned there and ill post back here with the results!

Ive got an accelerator arriving in a few days, so ill try and set the network up when thats here, itll save me moving my amiga twice!

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