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And, once again, I could be wrong here, but the maximum displayable colours on that 1280x512 screen would be 666,360, as that is how many pixels there would be on that screen, with it being possible to have even more with overscan, correct?

In any case, even on a 1920x1080 screen you still couldn't show every possible 24-bit colour, as you'd only have 2,073,600 pixels, far short of the 16,777,216 colours available in the full 24-bit palette, although in practice a number of the darker shades would be close enough to black to make no real difference? I mean, 0x010100, 0x000101, 0x010001, 0x000001, 0x010000 and 0x000100 would all be practically the same as 0x000000, correct, as they'd all be so dark as to be practically black?

I find this tricky, as I'm somewhat colourblind - I have moderate deutans (“doo-tans”), which means I have a moderate form of red-green color blindness. So there are a number of shades of colours that I can't tell apart, that others can. So I accept that I could very well be wrong on perceptions of colours.
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